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Dog Walking with Emma

Choose from different lengths and styles of walks that will best fit your dog’s needs!

All dogs are individuals so all walks should be different. I offer different varieties of walks so you can choose what will best suit your dogs needs.

15-minute walk

A Scottish Terrier smilling wide
Half Time

A 15-minute walk is a great option for senior dogs, puppies and smaller dogs that need more potty breaks.

30-Minute walk

A young golden retriever laying down
Standard Time

A 30-minute walk is the perfect length for the average dog! It allows time to relieve themselves, stretch their legs and to sniff around the neighborhood.

60-minute walk

A chocolate lab with his tongue sticking out
Double Time!

A 60-minute walk is good for the dog that likes to have longer adventures or likes more attention. This longer time allows time see and sniff even more!

Styles of walks

A chocolate lab walking on a leash down a sidewalk

General Walk

Where the nose goes!

During a general walk your dog is free to take frequent stops to sniff and see what they want to see.

A golden retriever on a leash walking in a heel position looking up

Structured Walk   +$10

A walk for training

During structured walks it is a time to work on their skills of being on a loose leash by their handlers side and paying attention.

A white and brown pitbull wearing a blue harness on a long line with a big smile and her tongue out

Long Line Walk +$4

A walk for adventure

A walk on a long lead is a great way for your dog to explore unrestricted. Works best if there is easy access to a trail, field or park.

Meet & Greet

Schedule a meeting today

To ensure that Pet Care with Emma is the best fit for you and your pet, a Meet & Greet will be scheduled. This is for clear communication of expectations on all sides as well as a time to meet your pets.

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